Your first priority and only priority is to become profitable

If you are new here or to trading

And struggling or not making enough money , then your first to hundred priority should be to start making money fast.
First step in that is to in the beginning use readymade setup templates and make it work for you.
Get the right software , right broker, right tools.
Setup 4% $ Low Threshold breakouts ., anticipation and Episodic Pivots scans published here and use guidelines I have provided multiple times to select right setup. Everything required to be profitable is in archives on this site posted multiple times. 
Understand NTRT (Night Time is Right Time) and MTRT (morning time is right time) This will help you find the most explosive earnings moves in market. If you are active trader and if you concentrate on NTRT and MTRT , you will feel like having ATM machine to daily withdraw money from the market. 
Setup a daily process. Stick to it . Refine it
Make your first $1000 , $5000, $10000 dollar
Find successful traders and network with them. Most traders who make it build alliances with other traders. 

Do not just seat there and wait for divine intervention
4 to 6 weeks of intense effort will put you on path to profitability.
It will allow you to identify good NTRT or MTRT , it will allow you to understand how to trade momentum moves
It will allow you to come daily with 1 to 3 ideas in your pocket and profit from them.

Your first priority and only priority is to become profitable by following an approach and finding and managing a trade on your own.

That is if you are serious about making lots of money trading and willing to put in effort and not just try it for fun. 

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