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How to find IPO swing trades

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QUIKTDR said...

Good Morning Pradeep,

Studying your scans I think that I should implement ADR & ATR > 1.00 and volume > 1 million last 10 day average.

The reason for this is in order to get candidates that are volatile & liquid enough to trade short-term. I would appreciate your comment.

Thank you in advance!

Pradeep Bonde said...

Lower liquidity stock has higher probability of making big moves

openheart05 said...

Greetings Mr. PB,
I read somewhere in your blog that trading Pharma stocks needs special skills; does being a doctor or pharmacist one of them?
In addition, I will appreciate if you can help us with a YouTube video about part time swing traders (those with another full 9-5 jobs) & the best setups to suit that purpose. Will that ever work?
Thank you for helping.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Biotech and drug stocks move based on drug trial potential or results. People with pharma/medicine can have edge in that field. Many good biotech funds are by medicine professional.

For swing trade part time look at my setups like 4% and $ b/o