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Fine tuning entries can be very profitable

For any trade your risk is entry-stop price. Let us say you are entering a stock at 20 and your stop is 19 then your risk is one dollar. But if you can reduce this 1 dollar risk to say 40 cents then your profit will be higher.

How can you do that?

The anticipation setup detailed on this site multiple times allows you to do that. Once you become good at trading anticipation setups you can enter a breakout setup with a very close stop.

Here are some examples of recent trades I did using anticipation.

As the stock was in my anticipation scan night before the breakout I had a entry in first 5 minutes of open and the stop was just 70 cents and then the stock immediately took off allowing stop to be moved to break even within the first 30 minutes. If you can do that the risk reward equation is highly favorable. In this case for risking 70 cents the trade made 8 dollars.

These kind of trades can be very profitable and best part about them is they are planned trades as your order and stop can be in place before market open using BSLO.

See the trade below on STAA I did yesterday . It was instantly profitable. For risking 40 cents for few minutes at open before moving stop to break even and then moving it up and selling in to strength on an average the trade made 1.60 . That is 4R. And in reality because the trade took of immediately post entry the stop was never in doubt.

ISRG was another similar trade but as it is high priced stop was 2 dollars. The stock showed up n anticipation scan day before yesterday. It was down -0.07%. The entry was near open and stop was 2 dollars which subsequently moved to break even.

If you can find trades like these you can have highly skewed risk reward situation and you can make money without risking much .

There s lot of money to be made using this low risk setup strategy. If you are serious about making money trading go through my number of posts on anticipatory setups shared over last couple of years.


Unknown said...

Do you post which anticipation stocks you are watching prior to market open?

Unknown said...

Do you post in the member's area of your site the stocks you are watching for ant. setups prior to market open? Thanks, I like your work.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes and other members also post their watch list. But if you use the scan and process I have shared about anticipation you can find these stocks yourself. If you do that it is lifetime skill .

Mark said...

Hi Pradeep. Have you posted the actual code for the anticipation scan on the site? I've found the description of the scan on a number of occasions; however, I'm having trouble finding the actual scan parameters. Is that something I am missing or is that available to members only?

Mark said...

Hi Pradeep! Have you ever posted the actual code for the Anticipation scan in the blog? I can easily find the description of the anticipation scan but I'm having trouble finding the actual code. Is this something for members only?

Pradeep Bonde said...

See my posts on scanning for anticipation. It is the same scan plotted as indicator.