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Stockbee Low Threshold Breakout (SLTB) Scans

SLTB allow you to find lower risk entries in stocks with established momentum on stocks that are having breakout whose threshold is lower than 4% Breakout or Dollar Breakout

SLTB breakouts are especially useful in building positions on stocks where you can buy on SLTB day and add on breakout day.

SLTB also works well on short side. Many shorts have weak countetrend bounce and after that they start fading , SLTB short scan helps you find that.

SLTB will help you get an entry with very close stop.

SLTB can be used on pre selected watchlist . I run SLTB without TI65 condition on IBD 85-85 list and IBD 100/19 scans.
SLTB Bullish Scan

minv3.1>=100000 and c>=3 and avgc7/avgc65>=1.05 and c>o and c>c1 and c/c1>c1/c2 and c1/c2<1.02
SLTB Bearish Scan

c1/c2>=.98 and c/c1<c1/c2 and c<c1 AND C<O and minv3.1>=100000 and (C - L) / (H - L) <0.2 and c>3

If you want to make money swing trading the SLTB gives you one more opportunity to find low risk entries.

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