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How to get in to Anticipation setups quickly

Once a good anticipation setup is identified the real work starts aimed at getting in to it as soon as it starts to breakout.

For example I had VIAV as candidate for possible entry for today.


In this stock I want to enter between 10.80 to 10.95  if it starts to breakout and put stop at 10.50 after entry risking 25 to 30 cents in hope of making 1 dollar or more on the trade.

So I will transfer this sticker to  Interactive Brokers and then create orders at various levels like shown below.


Like this I will have orders ready for entries at predetermined levels for 4 to 5 stocks. The market order is in case it starts going above by predetermined entry and I want to get in because I like setup. The limit sell order is in case it starts tanking post entry.

So before open I will have my orders ready . Then once the market opens I am intently focused on figuring which one is showing signs of breakout and then quickly press the right order. As soon as order is filled after few minutes I will start putting stop. In many cases stop will be higher than the stop shown above based on low established in first 30 minutes.

This kind of preparation helps you get in to anticipation setups quickly and put very close stop. Which is the objective of doing anticipation anyway. The more work you do pre open it then just simplifies the process. All you need to do then is to press the right order button.  


Markus D. said...

Excellent example. Thanks for sharing, Pradeep.

Zhiqiang Chen said...

Do you use the first hour rule for an entry?

Pradeep Bonde said...

what is the first hour rule

Zhiqiang Chen said...

Actually the first half hour rule: do not trade the first half hour because of large of noises

Pradeep Bonde said...

I buy most my breakouts in first half an hour.