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Bullish Anticipation Setups for March 16, 2017


Chad Hayes said...

Once you enter a trade, and you have a close stop, what approximate % of trades get stopped out?

Pradeep Bonde said...


Markus D. said...

Good Morning Pradeep,
I also have a follow up question. You mention that you have several orders in place. Since these are Anticipation Setups, on a day like yesterday, when the market gaps up, do you consider your AS when they break out or gap up as well? Or do you place your orders within a range, like between the previous day's Low and High? Hence, only consider them, when they retrace? As AMZN did for example, it gapped up, but failed to make new highs and retraced.

Also a little curious how you manage the huge bulk of hits you get with your TI65, MDT, DT scans? I usually end up with between 300-600 results and fine tuned my approach to reduce the bulk. With a less educated eye than yours it would otherwise take me hours to go through all of them. So I look for particular patterns to reduce the bulk. Like BB-Squeeze, low vol or as simple as a simple sort like abs(C-O).

Thanks again for sharing your insights and sorry for the many questions 🙈

Best, Markus

Pradeep Bonde said...

I only have orders ready but no placed. So once starts b/o I activate them.

You can focus only on top 100 ranked by TI65. That way one need not have to look at 500 to 600 candidates. Other way to do is to look at only stocks that gained TI 65 in last 30 days. That way one focuses only on young trends.