Extremely Bullish readings on breadth

We are looking at some of the most extreme bullish reading on breadth in last few years. It shows the powerful buying surge post Trump election.

In short run a consolidation/pullback more likely as market digests this surge. After a orderly correction more upside likely for next couple of quarters. 


Unknown said...

Hello Pradeep- Love your blog on how to look for setup and process to identify it. Doing my own research to find setups suitable for me. I have one question, if you could clarify, it will be helpful.
Once you identify setup eg: consolidation or narrow range and we are expecting breakout/ breakdown from that range, how one should execute that trade? Do we need to go in lower time frame (5/15/1 hr) to take a trade or wait for close of day candle to confirm the breakout/breakdown?
Thank you.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes you can use lower time frame to enter