Stocks move in the direction of the range expansion

Stocks move in the direction of range expansion. This is the basic tendency of stock market. 

HWAY above is a recent example of that. Stock had not had a positive range expansion for few months. A range expansion in 

If a stock has not had a range expansion of certain magnitude for a considerable period of time and then suddenly has a range expansion, it is a signal that stock is likely to  move in the direction of the range expansion. 

BID is another example of same phenomenon.

In July BID had a range expansion to the bullish side and from that it moved in the direction of range expansion.

If you want to make millions trading then study this phenomenon in the market and exploit it. All successful setups in market are developed from such basic underlying market observations over thousands of stocks.

Once you understand this tendency of stocks , all that you need to do is develop your setup and process and wait for next good setup to show up.

BCRX shown below is an example of that kind of setup showing up yesterday along with bunch of others. Last time it had range expansion it made 50% plus move in few days.

If you are really serious about  making money  trading stocks , master swing trading setups like these. 

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