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Trading Tools I use

The tools you use depend on your setups, account size , and trading time frame. I primarily trade momentum and growth based setups on a swing time frame. I have million dollar plus account to trade. The tools I use are suitable for that .

The cost of tools for me is minuscule as % of capital traded.The cost of all  the tools for me is around 2500 dollar a year.
But for those with small account keeping cost of trading low is important.


Interactive Brokers (recommended)
TD Ameritrade 
I use three brokers for my trading but my favorite broker is Interactive Brokers. It has the best execution. The user interface is very suitable for active trading. Shorts are widely available.

Telechart 2000 Gold with real time data add on 

This is my most used trading tool. I run all my scans on this.
For my style of trading this is the best and simplest trading tool.
The only big limitation of TC2000 is it does not have more than 2 years of history.

Old Telechart 2000 for Stockbeebot Data

Stockbeebot is automated bot that calculates breadth intraday and posts on memers site.


I use Marketsmith primarily for Episodic pivots strategy as it has sales , EPS growth rates, fund holding and other information easily available.
I also run bunch of scans in Marketsmith for earnings surprise and growth stocks.

Investor's Business Daily

Not very useful in current weekly format. 

Free Tools I use

Seeking Alpha


Mathias Piletti said...

Hi Pradeep,
Awesome blog with a lot of really useful content you got going on!

I find the limitation with only a 2 years history / archive in Telechart a obstacle, when im researching different setups. And Finviz dont offer the archive search function at all. StockCharts allow this function but only on a specific date, which isn't optimal either. Do you know any alternative service which provide data for let's say 10 years?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Telecast old version has the data. It is version 7 I think.



Sean said...

Mathias, look into tradestation. They have data beyond 10yrs.