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Breakout Anticipation Setups for today

Anticipation Watchlist

These are the stocks I am watching for possible breakouts  in next few days.

When stocks establish a momentum phase, they offer swing traders a low risk entry before making another move.

Stocks move in series of momentum bursts of 3 to 5 days. During those momentum burst moves they make 8 to 20% moves.

Typically a stock breaks out , goes up for few days and then established a narrow orderly consolidation. From that consolidation price breaks out and it further makes a move.

This phenomenon of momentum burst has been around for hundreds of years and is the basic tendency of stocks.

In order to profit from this observed tendency of stocks , you need to develop a daily process flow to identify these kind of stocks.

The easier way to find stocks like these is to scan for stocks with established momentum. That increases your probability of finding successful trade. That ensures a trade in direction of trend.

If you are serious a bout making money in the market then you can setup a simple process like this and spend 30 minutes daily to identify good candidates. 

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