Anticipation and breakout Setups for April 21, 2015 | stockbee


Anticipation and breakout Setups for April 21, 2015

Anticipation Setup for April 21, 2015

Are some of the stocks today on my watchlist.
What to look for in good anticipation setup
  • series of narrow range days in pullback/consolidation
  • orderly pullback with no 4% b/d during the pullback or consolidation
  • low volume pullback
  • low volatility during pullback
  • linear first leg if looking as continuation setup
  • Stock should go up smoothly and not in volatile manner
  • 3 to 10 days consolidation/pullback
  • not up 3 days in a row
ESPR, DYAX and QUNR look good from the Stockbee 50 list.

Breakout Setup from April 20, 2015

CRMD from Stockbee 50 list had a good breakout yesterday. It has been highlighted a few times in the anticipation list last week.

Anticipation gives you an early entry. For that you need to create alerts on these stock. Interactive Broker allows you to create alerts and can also trigger buy order or sell order on alerts. This is not a buy here.
Focusing on Stockbee 50 list can offer you hundreds of profit making opportunities in a year once you learn how to use the list daily.

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