Breakout and Anticipation Setups from Stockbee50 for March 3, 2015 | stockbee


Breakout and Anticipation Setups from Stockbee50 for March 3, 2015

Anticipation Setups for Mar 03, 2015

Anticipating a breakout helps you get an early entry and can improve your per trade profits. It can also lower your risk as your stop is close. It can help you profit from even smaller moves.
Anticipation requires more pre planning and effort than buying a breakout. You need a process flow to do that. The process should be done daily and followed consistently.
are the three anticipation candidates from the Stockbee 50 list. They are not the best of the setups and are low priced but could work.

If you are serious about making money swing trading go through all the posts highlighted on the sidebar. For motivated traders they provide complete details about actual actionable setups that have made me millions over 14 years.
Breakout Setups from Mar 02, 2015
The Stockbee 50 is a list of stocks with above average momentum. You can use the list for anticipation breakout or for breakout trades. Taking breakout trades is one way of making money while keeping drawdowns and per trade risk low.

EGRX was highlighted as anticipation candidate yesterday before the market open. It had a breakout yesterday. It went up 10.82% in one day. People watching this stock got in the first 5 minutes of the market open. Anticipation gives you an early entry. For that you need to create alerts on these stock. Interactive Broker allows you to create alerts and can also trigger buy order or sell order on alerts. I had an alert set of EGRX at 34.39. It triggered in first few minutes.
If you are really serious about trading and making money then you want to find stocks like EGRX daily. They make explosive moves. All you need to setup a process to find and trade them.
Focusing on Stockbee 50 list can offer you hundreds of profit making opportunities in a year once you learn how to use the list daily.

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