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Find setups that give you many opportunities

"One of the best things I've learned from this site is how many opportunities exist in the market. It takes away the temptation to go for the big trade. As long as I keep losses low and I keep throwing lines out I've done very well."

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If you have a setup that gives you multiple opportunities for trade or if you trade a bunch of setup that together give you lots of opportunities to trade, then you can reduce your risk.

More opportunities allow you to make money without risking too much on single trade. You can risk little of your bankroll and take more shots at market. Psychologically it is easier on your mind as you are not overly dependent on one or 2 large trade for returns.

Methods that involve risking big per trade can produce big returns if trade works out but can also lead to big drawdowns . You can spend months trying to recover from that . As against that you can increase your number of trades if your trading setup produces many opportunities.

This is a choice you can make as a trader.

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