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Look for game changing news

There is news and then there is game changing news. 

We are primarily interested in game changing news.

And when a stock with game changing news shows up you enter it as soon as possible.

INSM is example of that today. I entered pre market at 16.05. 

The stock just kept going up after that and closed at 17.78. And has more upside ahead. 

Many news based moves can be just one day affair. In some cases they can signal the start of multi day/week/month moves.As swing and position trader you want to focus on those kind of situations.

Game changing news is news that leads to market participants fundamentally re evaluating the prospect of the company for longer term holding. If such news is a major surprise to market, then you will find a big multi week or multi months move in a stock.

INSM had game changing news today.

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