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It is an everyday affair

You have to be an expert on your setup and timeframe.

If you want to trade breakout , you should be your own expert on it. If you want to swing trade, you need to develop an expertise on 3 day timeframe. You need to have very good understanding of that timeframe. Same way if you want to be position trader you need to be expert on it.

Expertise is developed through mastery experience. It requires purposeful effort and new insights. When you narrow your focus and start looking at details on very narrow problem or area you start developing expertise.

Some mastery experiences are instantaneous driven by insight. That is why you will find some traders can hit success without much effort. They gain an insight in to setup or action quickly.

In order to master a setup or an idea you need to be at it day in and day out. If you do it for few months , you see things others may not see , or gain insight others may not have.

As part of your everyday effort to improve your trading you must look at what is working in the market on your time frame.

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