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Know your market leaders

Market leadership constantly changes as some stocks start losing momentum and new stocks gain momentum.

A momentum ranking method keeps you on top of market leadership on daily basis. The Stocksbee 50 lists give you current market leaders using different Timeframes.

The top 50 stocks are ranked by one year leadership. Those stocks can often offer good swing trade opportunities on both long and short side. Some of them also give you position trading opportunity if they go sideways for extended period and then breakout.

The 65 days leaders give you Quarterly leaders. Some of them go on to make multi quarter moves , some fizzle out. The 21 days leadership gives you the fast signal. If a stock is starting a big move, it will often show up here first. Similarly a stock way extended and due for correction will also show up in 21 day ranks.

Most swing traders look for fast moving stocks. if you are going to hold a stock for 3 to 5 days, you want to be in the stocks moving at fastest velocity.

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