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No shortage of setups

As the market continues to show very good buy pressure, number of stocks are breaking out. In fact there is no shortage of swing candidates currently.

OMER is just one example of this kind of setup. Other good candidates from yesterday were INSY, WBAI, WUBA, CCIH, TASR, TREE, KNDI, LIOX, PACB, ROIAK, and NSPR.

These kind of 3 to 5 days swing moves are very common in bull phases. It is the structural nature of market.

Stocks move in short term momentum bursts of 3 to 5 days and those moves can be of 8 to 40% magnitude.

If you set up proper methods for identifying and trading these kind of setups you can profit while keeping drawdowns small.

Some of these breakout can go on to make multi week or month moves.

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