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Swing Trading : Breakout Anticipation Setups

We are set for a negative open today. The overhang from Govt shutdown is creating volatility on day to day basis. However so far selling has been very muted. If you see the breadth data  you will see that we have not seen any major selling in last couple of weeks. Down days have been on very low breadth. This indicates lack of urgency to sell on part of large speculators. Big selling will reflect in 300 plus day on 4% down daily.

However follow through on individual stock breakout has not been stellar. In many cases post breakout stocks have given up breakout day gains and gone back in to range or consolidation.

We are at the beginning of earnings season and the earnings announcements will accelerate in next week. Earnings season is always the season of opportunity and this earnings season will be no exception. Expect some big breakouts like Facebook (FB) during this earnings season. If you search this site you will find ton of posts on how to trade the earnings season.

In the meanwhile for swing trade the focus continues to be on stocks with momentum. Some of the following stocks are likely to breakout in next few days/weeks.

Swing Traders: Breakout Anticipation Setups








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