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Is this the start of correction

In last 4 week we experienced a low breadth rally. The rally started with very low breadth and persisted with very low breadth.

 In last 5 sessions there have been 3 negative breadth days, but none of them above 300.

 As of now the breadth continues to be in good health. If we get follow through selling and breadth deterioration then time to worry at this stage it is still too early to say.

 A 5 to 10% correction would be good and it will help remedy the overheated sentiments.


DaveyNC said...

Pradeep, just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you put out there. I am still learning this business and find your posts to be very simple and helpful.

Keep it up!

DaveyNC said...

Pradeep, I just wanted to thank you for the posts you put out. I'm still new at this and I find your posts to be simple, clear and helpful.

Keep it up!

NishantKalaskar said...

Hi sir
I am tracking Indian market based on the same filters like +4% & -4%. & +25%/Month , -25%/Month, etc.
Your method is working quite well even in Indian Market.
Thank You.
Nishant Kalaskar.