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What is a good swing breakout setup

  1. It is a first or second b/o in the swing after start of the move
  2. Look for younger trends where you can enter on first or second b/o
  3. All things being equal low float stocks are preferable
  4. All things being equal stocks with explosive earnings or immediate catalyst preferred
  5. If stock gaps up with very big gap of 20% plus, it has high likelihood of pullback or inside day next day and may not be immediate mover
  6. Stocks with very high volume on b/o are preferred.
  7. Pay special attention to stocks with all time high or multi year high volume on b/o day
  8. Prior to breakout there is 5 to 20 days of shallow pullback or sideways move
  9. During the pullback or sideways move there is range contraction
  10. Prior to breakout day stock has very narrow range bar or negative bar
  11. Stock is not up 3 days in a row
  12. The move prior to correction/sideways action should be linear
  13. On breakout day there is volume and price surge
  14. On breakout day stock closes near high
  15. If ideal setup do not show up wait for it rather than taking marginal setup

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