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Task cut out for dip buyers

Every time the market has had 2 to 4% weakness in last couple of months, the dip buyers have been extremely aggressive. Will they show up in force again.

In last 14 trading days we have seen a series of low intensity distribution days. This is primarily focused on technology sector.

At this stage all eyes are on earnings and the earnings trends will be more apparent next week as more companies announce earnings.

This is not the time to be aggressively long on momentum setups. A correction needs to play itself out and better setups need to show up for sustained bull move.

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NishantKalaskar said...

Dear Pradeep
सर तुमचे काम अप्रतिम आहे....तुमच्या कामाला सलाम!
आपल्या अनेक एकालाव्यांपैकी एक