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Small cap leading....

After a few months of correction, the market is in a possible new uptrend. The small caps are leading the bounce back. They were the first to show downturn in January 2012.

The breadth based timing model :Stockbee Market Monitor has signaled a breadth trend change. In last 12 years the model has nailed every major turns. It helps you avoid the down moves and gets back in to the market at beginning of a rally.

The Stockbee Market Phase model is indicating possible first stage of an upmove after breadth reaching extreme zones.

The $BPNYA model followed by many Stockbee Members is also confirming a breadth trend change.

The Stockbee Lemonade Strategy for 401k is a conservative strategy for investing in 401k using breadth based timing model and momentum to select mutual funds has given buy signal this week and is now fully invested in Top ranked funds by STI42.  The model has generated 34% returns on an average in last 12 years and is up 10% as of now for this year.

When breadth is positive momentum based strategies tend to work best. The 3 to 6 month momentum based ranking strategies are best in such periods. 

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