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Market has lost a bit of momentum

Market has lost a bit of momentum in recent days. Follow through on breakouts is a bit of problem.

A stock that breaks out should find intraday momentum rather than fading. After a breakout stock should immediately have 3 to 5 days follow through before a pullback. Many stocks are just giving up gains post breakout.

A slow selling is apparent in number of stocks. But the selling is more like orderly pullback and not breakdowns.

As of now this looks like slow sideways move.

Stocks priced above 20 and with minimum liquidity of 100000 in last 3 trading days. Stocks are ranked by momentum.

  1. cie
  2. bvsn 
  3. pcyc
  4. regn 
  5. ilmn
  6. acat (setting up for breakout)
  7. soa
  8. tex
  9. fsys
  10. stx (setting up for a breakout)
  11. moh
  12. ggc
  13. ttm
  14. nflx
  15. swks
  16. whr
  17. txt
  18. nxpi
  19. sats
  20. wprt
  21. ipgp
  22. cvi
  23. mdc
  24. mdvn
  25. rrr
  26. uri
  27. ra
  28. hfc
  29. bwld
  30. gmcr
You will see that most of these are extended currently. 

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