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Market tells you a lot from the way breakouts work.

Market tells you a lot from the way breakouts work.

If breakouts do not have immediate follow through it indicates weak conviction. This is the case currently. Many breakouts fade by end of the day.

Similarly if you see breakouts to new high getting sold , it indicates distribution by larger players. You will see hundreds of examples you can see currently.

If you see only late stage stocks breaking out it indicates tired market unlikely to make big move. This is the case currently where new leadership is lacking.

If you see large stocks breaking out and making moves it indicates funds are seeking safety. Large caps have been leading recently.

If you see beaten down stocks dominating breakout list it indicates lack of conviction and short term commitment by funds.

If you see stocks after stock that made big move in last 2 year getting in to trouble and having hard breakdowns, it indicates distribution.

In an environment like this unless you are a day trader your primary concern should be risk management.

Your total risk exposure to the market should be at level where if things turn sour you should be able to get out with minimum damage.

A real bull market lasts months and offers several opportunities. So if it shows up you will not have trouble finding setups and make big money if you have thought through your setups


rmike said...

I can honestly categorize this blog post as the best insightful pragmatic advice in these times of confused chaos wherein vested interests normally have a field day in putting their own spin to the market moves. Patience and perseverance are probably the hardest core traits for a trader to master once he/ she has graduated to the stage wherein the setups have been honed. Context is always the key, thanks for the reminder!!! As always, a pleasure to tune into your outlook. Wishing U a prosperous and a joyous 2012.


Pradeep Bonde said...