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Wide range continues

Range is difficult to break. So we continue to churn. Below the surface lot of tech stocks had drops. But it is still a range at play. We need big buying to get moving out of range. Absent that we may continue to be range bound. 


blog_toscano said...

Hi, I'm currently closely monitoring Dell. Nice fundamentals and recently made 52w high. I'm looking for a pull back around area 16-16,50 to go long.
Have you this stock into your radar? thanks

Pradeep Bonde said...

I do not focus on stocks with such huge float like DELL. They do not move very fast. Dell was a buy by my method around 16. Around 15 to 16 days ago.

blog_toscano said...

Thank you for your answer. Actually you're right because it's not a fast stock.
With my method I had a buy when it broke 16.5 at the end of June, unfortunately in that moment I was pessimistic about the general market situation and I didn't catch it.

I'll continue reading your blog, it's very very interesting. Congratulations.
Looking forward for further posts (and I'll make further comments :) )