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Emerging Markets are the new leaders

After 3 days of negative breadth a small reflex bounce happened yesterday. Indexes had a volatile day with attempts at rally petering out and then a feeble rally attempt in last two hours.
Breakouts are selectively working. Many recent breakouts had hard reversals and it is a bit of a whipsaw action. Earnings season is on. So action might be range bound. But individual stocks will continue to breakout on earnings.

Emerging markets continue to lead. The larger China internet stocks like SINA BIDU SOHU NTES are clear leaders and it might be time to dust off out China list. Similarly Indian stocks like REDF, SIFY, CTSH, HDB, INFY and couple of others are attracting buy interest. The Brazil based stocks are also doing very well in last couple of weeks. TSU BAK TBH BTM VIV UGP are all Brazil based companies doing well.
The emerging markets are back. Rallies in these markets tend to last for long time and these markets tend to make big moves. As you have seen in the 401k strategy that I detailed couple of days ago the Emerging market fund is clear leader since 2 weeks or so. And the Stockbee 401K Lemonade strategy signaled a entry right at start of that trend.
If you are serious about your 401K then you should study in detail the Stockbee 401K Lemonade Strategy. It is simple and requires only 5 minutes of your time on weekends once you set it up in Telechart or on Google Finance. It has both entry and exit criteria. 
You can create country based stock lists in IBD scanner very easily. For that go to General Tab and specify Company Headquarters as China or India or Brazil. You can also can for country stocks in Finviz. 
This will give you most  BRIC country equities or ADR trading in US market. 
But anyway all those stocks will also show up in Stockbee Trend Intensity Breakouts (STIB) scans.

So If you are Stockbee member you do not need to do anything special. STIB will always keep you on top of whatever is working in the market. 

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Jon said...

Pradee, i like DANG, which seems to be tracing out a potential double bottom and is just above support on higher volume. Thoughts?