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Trading momentum stocks

One of the stockbee members is blogging about his methods to find momentum stocks.

Trading Momentum Stocks

I have been a subscriber to Pradeep Bonde's Stockbee trading site that focuses on momentum trading. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. Not only has Mr. Bonde done well with his trade alerts, he has done even better teaching his methods. As he likes to say, don't just try to follow someone's trades, but learn their methodology in terms of the hows and the whys. I would highly recommend his site because you will learn so much and speed up your learning curve on trading momentum.

I have incorporated some of his momentum scans on Telechart with some of my own tweaks. Stockbee tends to buy stocks that have exhibited momentum and have broken out 4% or more on big volume. So it is basically high momentum, rest, break out then buy. more.....

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