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How to find stocks likely to make big move next day

This is daily task list for those interested in identifying stock likely to make big moves next day. Especially useful for day traders. News and momentum drives big moves on daily basis. This is the kind of approach many traders like Tumbler follow.

TaskInformation source in play.
Look at all the news released
after hours and
before open and
then figure out
how it is likely
to impact the stock.
briefing in play
After market gainers & decliners and
the catalyst behind the moves
WSJ Late Trading Page
After hours significant
earnings announcements
Briefing Earnings Calendar
After hours significant
earnings guidance
Briefing earnings guidance
Earnings Spreadsheet
Earnings Whisper
email opportunities
Earnings Whisper email
IBD highlighted stocksIBD


Cool Cal said...

what's the entry/exit strategy? I haven't seen too much of your work on news/timing. I'd like to know when you buy, and if pre/aftermarket, where you buy as well.

Pradeep Bonde said...

If it is in my EP method then I buy pre market, or open or in first few minutes. Those kind of trades can be few days to few months. Exit is on profit targets. For short term day trades (which I do not do) the exit should be same day. One of the member Tumbler on members site does several day trades a day using this approach and he posts his trades live.