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Stocks down 25% plus in a month

AFL,Aflac Inc
Financials are taking the biggest hits here. The move in financials is spreading to sectors like insurance. 
AACC,Asset Acceptance Capital Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ACH,Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. ADS (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AEC,Associated Estates Rlty (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AEG,AEGON N.V.  (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AF,Astoria Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AFL,Aflac Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AGO,Assured Guaranty Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AIB,Allied Irish Banks Plc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AIV,Apartment Invest & Mgmt (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AM,American Greetings Cp A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AMR,Amr Corporation (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AOB,American Oriental Bioengineering Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
APB,Asia Pacific Fund Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
APPY,AspenBio Pharma Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ASBC,Associated Banc-corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ASIA,Asiainfo Holdings Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
AXA,Axa ADS (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BABY,Natus Medical (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BAC,Bank Of America Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BANR,Banner Corporation (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BBT,Bb&T Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BBV,Banco Privanza Intl Gbrltr Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BCS,Barclays Plc Adr (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BDC,Belden` Inc. (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BELFB,Bel Fuse Inc Cl B (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BLX,Banco Latino Americano (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BOOM,Dynamic Materials Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BPFH,Boston Private Fincl Hld (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BPO,Brookfield Properties (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BPOP,Popular Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BSRR,Sierra Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BTH,Blyth Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BUSE,First Busey Corp Cl A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BWS,Brown Shoe Co Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BX,The Blackstone Group L.P (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
C,Citigroup (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CACB,Cascade Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CATY,Cathay General Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CBC,Capitol Bancorp Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CBL,Cbl & Assoc Properties (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CDZI,Cadiz Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CETV,Central European Media (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CHIC,Charlotte Russe Hldg Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CHU,China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CITZ,Cfs Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CNH,Cnh Global Nv (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CNMD,Conmed Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
COBZ,Cobiz Inc New (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
COF,Capital One Financial Cp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
COH,Coach Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
COMV,Comverge Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CPF,Central Pacific Finl Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CPHD,Cepheid (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CRD.B,Crawford & Co B (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CSH,Cash America Internat (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CTBK,City Bank (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CTO,Consolidated-Tomoka Land (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
CYN,City National Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DB,Deutsche Bank AG (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DECK,Deckers Outdoor Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DIN,Dineequity Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DM,Dolan Media Company (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DOW,Dow Chemical Co (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DRL,Doral Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DW,Drew Industries Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DZK,Developed Markets Bull 3X (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ECLP,Eclipsys Corporation (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EDC,Emerging Markets Bull 3X (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EFSC,Enterprise Financial Services (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EGLE,Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EPHC,Epoch Holding Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EPR,Entertainment Prop Trust (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EWBC,East West Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FBP,First Bancorp Holding Co (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FCBC,Fst Community Bankshares (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FFBC,First Financl BAncorp Oh (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FFIC,Flushing Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FITB,Fifth Third Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FMBI,First Midwest Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FNB,Fnb Corporation (pa) (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
FULT,Fulton Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GBCI,Glacier Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GCS,DWS Global Commodities Trust (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GMKT,GMarket Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GRNB,Green Bankshares Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GSOL,Global Sources Ltd. (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GTXI,Gtx (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HBAN,Huntington Bancshares (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HBHC,Hancock Holding Co (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HBI,Hanesbrand Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HELE,Helen Of Troy Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HEV,Ener1 Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HNSN,Hansen Medical Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HPY,Heartland Payment Systems Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HTLF,Heartland Financial Usa (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HTV,Hearst-Argyle Tv Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HW,Headwaters Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
HWCC,Houston Wire & Cable Company (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ICE,Intercontinental Exchange Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IFSIA,Interface Inc Cl A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ING,ING Group N.V. (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
INWK,Innerworkings Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IPAR,Inter Parfums Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IRC,Inland Real Estate Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
IRE,The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland  (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
JNS,Janus Capital Group Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
JNY,Jones Apparel Group Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
KF,Korea Fund Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
KV-A,Kv Pharmaceutical Cl A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LEN,Lennar Corp Cl A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LNDC,Landec Corporation (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LNY,Landrys Restaurants Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LYG,Lloyds Banking Group Plc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MBFI,Mb Financial Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MEAS,Measurement Specialities (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MEI,Methode Electronics Cl A (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MFW,M&F Worldwide Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MGM,MGM MIRAGE Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MI,Marshall & Ilsley Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MSFG,Mainsource Fncl Goup Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MTB,M&T Bank Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MTOX,Medtox Scientific (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MTRX,Matrix Service Co (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
NARA,Nara Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
NPBC,National Penn Bancshares Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
NSPH,Nanosphere` Inc. (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
OKSB,Southwest Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
OMCL,Omnicell Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
OPTT,Ocean Power Tech Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
OSBC,Old Second Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PACW,PacWest Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PBH,Prestige Brands Holdings (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PBKS,Provident Bankshares Cp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PEBO,Peoples Bancorp Inc Oh (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PERY,Perry Ellis Int'l (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PNC,Pnc Financial Svcs Grp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PRAA,Portfolio Recovery Assoc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PRO,Pros Holdings Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PVTB,Privatebancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RBS,The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RCL,Royal Caribbean Cruises (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RCNI,RCN Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RCRC,Rc2 Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RDEN,Elizabeth Arden Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RF,Regions Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RHIE,RHI Entertainment (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RMBS,Rambus Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RRGB,Red Robin Gourmet (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
RWT,Redwood Trust Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SASR,Sandy Springs Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SAY,Satyam Computer Services Ltd ADS (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SBCF,Seacoast Banking Cp Fl (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SEH,Spartech Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SFG,StanCorp Financial (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SGK,Schawk Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SLG,Sl Green Realty Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SMTB,Smithtown Bancorp Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SNV,Synovus Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
STI,Suntrust Banks Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
STSA,Sterling Financial Cp Wa (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
STT,State Street Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
SUSQ,Susquehanna Bancshares (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
THMD,Thermadyne Hldgs Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
TMK,Torchmark Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
TRGL,Toreador Resources Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
TRMB,Trimble Navigation Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
UBSH,Union Bankshares Cp Co (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
UBSI,United Bankshares Inc Wv (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
UCBH,Ucbh Holdings Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
UCBI,United Community Banks (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ULTA,Ulta Salon` Cosmetics & Fragra (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
UMPQ,Umpqua Holdings Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
URI,United Rentals Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
USB,US Bancorp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VDSI,Vasco Data Security Intl (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VOL,Volt Info Sciences Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VOXX,Audiovox Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VSEC,Vse Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WBS,Webster Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WCBO,West Coast Bancorp Ore (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WFC,Wells Fargo & Company (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WFSL,Washington Federal Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WL,Wilmington Trust Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WSFS,Wsfs Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WTFC,Wintrust Financial Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
YAVY,Yadkin Valley Fin Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
YTEC,Yucheng Technologies Ltd (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ZEP,Zep Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
ZION,Zions Bancorporation (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart

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