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MAXY up 8 days in a row

A small group of stocks are showing good buying for last couple of weeks. 

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MichaelWms said...

A month after it announced plans to cut 30 percent of its staff during the first quarter of 2009 “in order to preserve cash”, Maxygen released details today about bonuses being paid to its top officers, including $200,000 for its chief executive Russell Howard.

Eighty percent of the 2008 cash bonus plan was based on company performance while the remaining 20 percent was “discretionary”. Total performance goals were evidently not met, according to the company’s filing with the SEC.

“Based on its evaluation of these targets and objectives, the Compensation Committee awarded each executive officer a portion of the bonus amount attributable to the achievement of certain strategic objectives and the full amount of the discretionary component.”

The comp committee also used its “discretionary authority” to award “additional bonus amounts to” its CEO and its chief business officer, “to recognize their contributions to the achievement of corporate objectives that were not included in the previously established goals.”