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Economic slowdown does not deter BlackBerry buyers

Things are not so bad! People were lining up to buy the new BlackBerry Storm !!!

Hundreds Wait in line to buy Storm

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hundreds of people lined up at Verizon Wireless stores on Friday to buy the BlackBerry Storm, the first touch-screen phone from Research In Motion that aims to compete with Apple's iPhone.

More than 200 people had waited at a Verizon store in mid-town Manhattan early in the morning, many of whom were turned away after it ran out of the new phones less than an hour after opening at 8 a.m. The angry customers caused a ruckus and police came to restore order.

Verizon said hundreds of others were in lines outside its stores up and down the U.S. east coast, but added that it had "plenty of phones" and would keep getting more shipments. It declined to give specifics on inventory levels.

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stucktrader said...

What that tells me is that the iPhone will also have buyers come the holidays. Can you imagine if Apple didnt have an exclusive deal with T and included VZ and T-Mobile (U.S.). Total monopoly.

I have a Blackberry, but the Storm seems to have input complaints. which was what was suppose to differentiate it as superior to the iPhone & Andriod.

We'll see what happens from here with RIMM