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Momentum yet to build on long side

The market has been volatile as of now. Which has been the story for sometime. If you are using a momentum strategy, what you are essentially doing is betting on a winning horse once race is halfway through and you can with reasonable confidence figure out laggards and likely winners. Currently we are in a market where momentum was on negative side, for it to turn positive, it will take some time.
Lot of the breakouts showing up in scans are from the laggard kind of stocks which are oversold. Such stocks have low probability of making big moves over a longer time horizon. They are good just for a few days bounce play.

If you watch the beginning of a Marathon, you would see many amateurs burst out in first few minutes with great speed while the real pros pace themselves. Similar things are happening currently. Low quality is bouncing , but they have low probability of making enduring rallies.

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