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Volatile Market Action Continues

Market Monitor: Bearish.

  • The overriding theme in this market for sometime has been the credit crunch. The bailout package may help alleviate that concern for sometime.
  • All the major magazines in recent weeks have been very bearish. Which is a bullish sign.
  • The number of 300 plus days in Market Monitor are up significantly in last few weeks indicating high volatility.
  • The earnings season will start in earnest in few weeks time and that will become market focus.
  • Current market conditions are not ideal for swing trading. This is currently day trading market.


Dhiren said...

I am relatively new to your blog. What exactly is market monitor? How does that work?

Dhiren Patel, CFA
New Jersey

Pradeep Bonde said...

Market Monitor is market timing model. It gives bullish or bearish signal based on 5 ratios.