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Good action

  • After a near vertical rise for 8 days or so, the market got whacked yesterday.
  • This is good action, as near vertical moves were anyway not sustainable and more time market spends in range or in negative territory better it is for the longevity of next phase rally.
  • Market currently is volatile and news and data driven. Good market for day traders.
  • Not much action for longer term traders.
  • Waiting patiently for the market to set up is key.
  • When markets start rallying from bear market bottom, it is the easiest money you can make as stocks after stocks make big moves.

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gosu said...

Buffett: Dollar will become worthless.
AMBAC and MBIA with their 2.4 trillion dollars in debt close to default.
There is absolutely no way markets going up.
Its all downhill from here.