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Making Money using Top 25 ranked momentum stocks

HOV has been in Top 25 stock list for sometime as it has made a big move this year. Yesterday after earnings it started moving, I got in early at 23 dollars price and put a stop at 22.50. Stock closed near high so I moved stop to break even.

Stock started moving today and quickly went to 27.5 ( around number) I sold 800 shares for $4.5 per share profits. And moved stop on rest to 27. After sometime stock had another move to 28.5 plus where i liquidated rest of 200 shares.

Net net $4700 Profit in one day hold. 

Top 25 stocks breakout or anticipation I seldom miss and it has made me lots of money by focusing on strongest moving stocks in the market.

When I decide to retire from active trading I will just trade 9 million plus breakout and Top 25 stocks and I am confident I can still make lots of money.

To find Top Ranked stocks use the Stockbee 50 list .

On Members site we have more detailed method to do it . You can find the layout for that here

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