If you want to make millions trading study stocks up 20% in a week everyday | stockbee


If you want to make millions trading study stocks up 20% in a week everyday

This is the single best thing you can do to improve your trading.
If you want to catch fish , you study fish behaviour.
If you want to be leader, you study other leaders daily.
If you want to make money, study people who make money.
If you want to be happy , study happy people.
Same way if you want to capture explosive momentum bursts study momentum burss of 20% plus or 10 dollar plus in 5 days.
Study top 25 stocks up most YTD.

You can do this easily by scanning for stocks up or down 20% in a week or up and down 10 dollars in a week. 

If you study these stocks for months you will understand how explosive momentum burst happen and what kind of scan will find them on first day .

I study this everyday and has been doing it for over 18 years. All my setups are based on such studies. 

If you want to make millions trading study the fastest moves daily and then design a method to catch them. 


Mometum Fondamentali said...
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Mometum Fondamentali said...

what you mean by "study"? thanks

Pradeep Bonde said...

To find where do these burst start from. What kind of action before breakout. What is the nature of breakout move. Volume on breakout. What happens during the 5 days. And so on. Basically develop a template to look at next 20% mover and scan for them.

Ankit Kumar said...

Hi sir, previously you mentioned about studying stocks that are up 8% or more in 5 days.In this post you mentioned about 20% gains. Which one is a better way?

Pradeep Bonde said...

20% winners involves less work as you have to study fewer.