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Market themes

  • Markets next big theme will be upcoming earnings season. Expect many stocks to start creeping up in anticipation of good earnings.
  • Brokers/ retail seems to be the developing theme. Every single retail group is experiencing money flow.
  • Tobacco may not be injurious to your portfolio.
  • The long written off Radio sector may be gearing up for some sound action. Number of other media sectors are stirring up as well.
  • The technicians are discovering Google ( GOOG) now after 35 point rally. But they can not agree on whether it is coiling, forming quadruple top, hitting resistance, has falling wedge, or it has a cup with double handle. It is good that I am not a technician.
  • The Apple share fans think I am an idiot, part of the naked short selling conspiracy, Microsoft fan etc etc. The largest number of hate mail I have received so far for the post-Apple may be ready for a fall. The housing stocks long was the previous record.
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